Folasade Ayegbusi

is an Accountant, Insurance Broker, Speaker and Business Growth Strategist. She has helped entrepreneurs and small business owners save over $25 million in lost revenue, tax assessments, penalties, and interests over the last 12 months. This financial powerhouse partners with clients to identify financial challenges, design optimal solutions and oversee implementation of new systems that simplify financial processes for success. 

Folasade has powerful financial and marketing techniques that help grow businesses and increase profitability. As a child growing up in an impoverished area of Washington, D.C., Folasade knew there was a way to be more financially stable—a better way to live life, a laser-like focus on financial freedom and more diverse methods for entrepreneurial success. Today, she owns and operates Suncrest Financials. This world renowned organization offers small business financial services, payroll, insurance, bookkeeping, tax preparation and personal coaching for business leaders. 

Holding a Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration in Accounting from the University of District of Columbia and a Master of Science degree in Accounting and Finance Management from the University of Maryland University College, Folasade is equipping businesses with the expertise they need to save money and expand guaranteed.

Primary Skills


Her aspiration one day is to create a non-profit organization focusing on mentoring and uplifting overlooked youth. Leisurely Folasade enjoys reading, shopping, volunteering, politics and helping others.


Folasade refused to allow her past to determine her future. Despite the many obstacles she has faced, she’s managed to overcome and thrive. Determined to share her financial expertise with the masses, Folasade believes that individual financial stability works cumulatively, resulting in a stronger national politically economy.


Suncrest is…

SunCrest is your multi-service payroll company in Maryland, also specializing in insurance and accounting as a reputable firm. Suncrests prides itself in convenience, honesty and transparency with every client. Through a comprehensive analysis of every client before, during and after hiring our services, we utilize our certified professional staff and strive to provide efficiency, clarity and promptness in your payroll or other financial processing.

Tax Preparation





The list of companies that Suncrest currently provide services for:

Nursing Agencies

Assisted Living



Auto Machine Shops

Day Care Centers

Security Guard Agencies

8-A Certified


Non-Profit Organizations

Legal Services

Gas Stations


Professional Services


Call or send us an email inquiry through our website or other referral. You will then meet with an assigned representative i.e. a Maryland payroll specialist or tax preparer based on your particular needs. You are then provided SUNBOX access.


With this you have an exclusive access to our software application that securely and simply calculates and delivers your payroll and other reports. This system works well with your PC or your mobile device, leaving you the option to check or upload documents on the go anytime.


Enjoy your SUNBOX via web & mobile

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What the Clients Say....

I strongly recommend Suncrest Financials for personal accounting services and business services.I was referred to Suncrest by a business associate. At the time I had a pending IRS inquiry and needed an expert advice on responding. But because of the limited time we had to review and respond, Mrs. Ayegbusi made time to meet with me, answer all of my questions and help me to understand the issue and to begin developing a course of action. Her review was good and I was impressed with how efficiently she analyzed my records. Mrs. Ayegbusi is very professional and very well versed in proper accounting practices, especially for businesses. I trusted her guidance through this process, and I am thankful for her support and knowledge. I will continue to use Suncrest services for my personal and business financial needs. If you are a business owner or thinking of starting a business, I recommend working with Suncrest to guide you through the smart way to be financially responsible.

Arline Williams Owner,, PS 119 Enterprises, LLC