How to become more organized with business finances?

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February 8th 2016

Organize your paper filing
Go through your file cabinets and throw away or shed anything that is out of date and/or irrelevant to the business. Scan old files of the original documents and save it under a folder on your computer to make more room in the office.
• Get rid of paper receipts
It is easier to find a receipt management scanner or app for your computer or smart phone. Make sure it lets you export data to whatever expense record recording app you use.
• Cloud Device: Storing and Sharing
It is more convenient to start using cloud based tools to share and save documents. One good cloud based device to use for businesses is
• Maintain and tame your inbox: Emails
Start off by filing away anything you do not need to respond to. Next tame any new emails you get each day by unsubscribing to newsletters or subscriptions you no longer read. Set and create new folders where non-essential emails go automatically.
• Note taking tool: The right choice!
Find out what is the best note taking tool for your business. Is it paper and pen? Or electronically? Make sure whichever one you choose, that it is the solution that fits into your lifestyle.
• Social Media Profiles: Clean and Organize
Your social media profiles can also become clogged and out of date. First, take stock of where your business has a social presence and drop any accounts that are no longer in use. It is no point of having numerous of linked accounts if you not using them. Utilize to rule people who are not following you back or inactive and clogging up space.
• Meet with a Specialist: Tax Advisor
Don’t wait until tax time to file taxes. Set up an appointment with a CPA, accountant, and/or tax advisor. All businesses or potential businesses needs to file taxes.
• Utilize your books: Bookkeeping
For a small business you already have some kind of method used to record your invoicing, expenses, statements, etc. There are different processing systems to keep your books in order.
• Tie up any loose ends
This is a perfect opportunity to tie up any loose ends you’ve been putting off in prior years. For example, did you file a DBA (Doing Business As) for your business name? Did you get a Tax ID number? Are all your licenses and local permits in order? Did you make any changes to your corporation and LLC and still need to file an Articles of Amendment to record those changes with the state?
• Purge your office
Even if you don’t mind a little mess and dust, too much clutter can add to daily stress and chaos. Clutter exists because we think that everything is important. Beginning with the New Year, toss out whatever is outdated, no longer relevant or a duplicate to the business.
You could recycle, delete old voice messages, and donate things you don’t need
Keep all useful things!

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