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Suncrest was founded with the intentions of serving and servicing the Washington, D.C. Area.

Folasade maintained a successful tax preparation business, with minimal time and major client demand they outsourced the company’s payroll to one (1) of the top three payroll providers. Everything with the payroll provider went smooth for at least a year before she began to experience issues with her payroll provider. The first issue she encountered was with the renewal of her business license and was told by the state of MD the company had an outstanding balance. You cannot renew your business license with an outstanding balance. The second issue arose when the payroll provider withdrew an incorrect amount of taxes that overdrew the company’s payroll account. It took the payroll company two (2) long months to ratify the tax overdraft, and the payroll company did not reimburse them for the overdraft fee she encountered because of their error. She reached her highest level of frustration when the payroll company withdrew tax payments and never filed any Federal or State tax returns OR remitted Federal and State tax payments. As of today she still has not been successful in resolving the issue with her previous payroll provider which was one of the top payroll providers. The sum of taxes that remain in their possession amounts to $5,000. After undergoing so many issues with a “top notch” payroll provider Folasade Ayegbusi founded “Suncrest Payrolls LLC”. Realizing that larger firms do produce a necessary product however that product is NOT geared toward small businesses. Folasade asked herself, can most small businesses lose $5,000 and recover? The answer is usually NO!

Then she began the development of a service that will allow the small business owners the comfort and flexibility that will allow them to stay abreast of their federal and state payroll obligations.

Online Payroll Access

Our secure online payroll site gives employers access to their payroll information 24/7.

Payroll Checks

Your paychecks can be provided as a traditional live check, via free electronic direct deposit or through a payroll debit card.

Federal and State Payroll Tax Deposits, Reporting and Filing

It is our responsibility as your metropolitan based payroll company to collect, deposit file and report all federal and state payroll taxes on your behalf.

Flexible Time Input Methods

Many customers choose to use our secure online portal to input payroll hours. You may also report your payroll by fax, phone or email.

Vacation and Sick Leave Tracking

Let us take care of recording your vacation and sick accruals. No more wondering how many vacation or sick days your employees really have left.

Child Support Payments and Other Garnishments

Courts often require payroll companies to collect wage garnishments such as child support and other court ordered amounts from employee’s paychecks. Suncrest handles these collections

Insurance Audit Reports

As both a Metropolitan payroll company and insurance provider, Suncrest Payroll has the expertise to handle all of your insurance audits. In fact, many insurance underwriters will simply come to our office instead of yours when performing audits. How many other Metropolitan payroll companies can say that? Not many.

Savings Club Program

I aYour employees can choose to have a specified dollar amount taken from their check each pay period in order to help save money for vacations, holidays, unexpected expenses, or savings.

Time & Attendance Solutions

Online electronic time and attendance solution for all businesses large and small which combines the convenience of online access.

Labor Law Compliance

Businesses are required to post federal and state labor law postings in common areas frequented by employees and applicants.

Background Check

These checks are often used by employers as a means of judging a job candidate’s past mistakes, character fitness, and to identify potential hiring risks for safety and security reasons.


Allows businesses to determine the eligibility of their employees to work in the United States. EVerify is fast, free and easy to use – and it’s the best way employers can ensure a legal workforce.

Direct Deposit

Suncrest allow employers to extend a multiple disbursement of the pay check to use up to 9 accounts. Direct deposit makes payment processing simple.


Suncrest can customize your checks and add your company logo.

Check Signing

We can assist with making check signing simplified with an electronic signature

Tax and filing

Suncrest insures superb security password protection, approximate tax estimates, direct deposit, EFT processing. Suncrest does not outsource TAX FILING.