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At Suncrest, we pride ourselves on helping small businesses and individuals with their accounting pains and frustrations. 


Hey Love! Here is a list of some of my resources & tools that you can utilize to save money on your taxes and grow your business.


Hey Love! I’m Folasade Ayegbusi, I’m an Accountant, Insurance Broker, Speaker and Small Business Growth Strategist.

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Are you struggling with your Business Bookkeeping? Are you looking for solutions to remove the burden from any extra accounting pains? If so, you need our bookkeeping services. Bookkeeping is like your rich uncle. You don't need it until you need money! Our bookkeeping services will not only allow you the freedom to use your books to get loans and certifications, we give you the data your business ultimately needs to grow and leverage.

Tax Preparation

Filing your own personal or business tax return can be a hassle and with online websites allowing you to prepare your own return makes filing your taxes seem easy. Right? It's not the tax code is a mere 70,000 pages for a reason to make filing taxes very complex. Your concern should be if you've filed your taxes correctly and maximized your deductions Are you struggling with your Business Bookkeeping? 


Paying your employee’s sounds easy? Just give them a check. Right? No…

When it comes to getting the payroll done so you can pay your amazing employees is NOT so easy. Payroll involves a complicated function called Payroll Tax and Reporting Requirements issued by the Internal Revenue Services and your loving State. The only solution to taking back your time a whole nine (9) days is to outsource your company’s payroll. 

What People Are Saying

“I’ve been going to the same accountant for years and he literally died right in the middle of tax season. I had no idea what I would do because it was so close to the cut off date to file my taxes. I contacted Suncrest Financial while living in a totally different state about 5 hours away and omg they handled my taxes like I’ve never seen before. It was an absolutely amazing experience. I didn’t have to do virtually anything. They saved me so much time. This is definitely where I’ll be filing my taxes every year.”

Tamira Johnelle

CEO_Lose Weight-Taste Great

“Suncrest Financial Services has been providing accounting services for me and my husband for several years. Mrs. Ayegbusi is very knowledgeable, professional and we always receive outstanding service. We’re so happy with Suncrest Financial Services that I can proudly say we are clients for life!”

Charlene Harvey

“Individual Tax Preparation
Highly recommended- Sade was very professional and helpful when preparing my amended taxes from start to finish while being very knowledgeable throughout the process. After the loss of my mother I really didn’t know who we going to do my taxes and she made the process very smooth. I’m glad I’ve located my new tax preparer. Thank you so much for all your help.”

Treina Garris


Overlooked Tax Deductions Entrepreneurs

Overlooked Tax Deductions Entrepreneurs

Here are the 3 Overlooked Tax Deductions Entrepreneurs Miss Outlooked that may save more money and pay less taxes. 1. Overlooked tax deductions are Home Office The first overlooked tax deductions this applies to both the entrepreneur the Parellelpreneur, entrepreneur...

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If You’re Not Doing Bookkeeping You’re Missing Out!

If You’re Not Doing Bookkeeping You’re Missing Out!

If You’re Not Doing Bookkeeping, You’re Missing Out! Taxes are one of those things that are as certain as death. There’s no escaping it! I’m quite sure that there are many of you that hate paying taxes; it’s okay, you can say so! What you may not know is that...

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What Can You Lose if You Don’t Have Bookkeeping

What Can You Lose if You Don’t Have Bookkeeping

We’ve talked about bookkeeping all this week, and its importance to your business. However, some of you still aren’t convinced. That’s okay; there are two sides to every coin. You stand to gain much if you have proper bookkeeping. However, what do you stand to lose if...

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