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We doubt you started your business to do your own taxes and accounting. Why? Because doing your own taxes can be daunting and leaves you wondering if you’ve done it correctly or did you miss a deduction or tax credit. Did you know that according to the Government Accountability Office study, 77% of Americans believe they benefit more by having a qualified tax professional prepare their tax return. Click here to read the study! 

As Enrolled Agents and Accountants, we have an extensive background in preparing the tax returns of both individuals and businesses.

Let’s admit a few facts. Whether you like it or NOT the U.S. Tax Code is nothing more but complicated. Secondly, you hate taxes. Last but not least the only way to avoid taxes is if you die.

There’s this magical tax genie called Turbo Tax! Let’s be honest. Turbo tax is a software NOT your dedicated tax professional that knows when your child’s birthday is coming or your anniversary date. Having your taxes prepared by a company you can trust and a tax professional who cares is the ultimate solution to handling all of your tax needs.

There’s no real substitute to having a qualified tax professional like us here at Suncrest to prepare your personal or business tax return.

If you decide to work with us, here’s what you get and more:

  • Initial discussion (1 on 1) with your dedicated tax professional or Enrolled Agent to discuss your tax needs, concerns, and situation. At Suncrest, we try our best to know our clients because the more we know the better we handle your needs.
  • Taxes are prepared accurately, timely, and correctly.
  • Your taxes can be electronically filed or paper filed( the option id yours)
  • You can be a local client (DMV) or out of state. We accommodate clients all over the U.S.
  • If you’re underpaying taxes our staff will kindly guide you through the process of adjusting your withholdings.
  • We will try and maximize your deductions to the best of our ability.
  • 365 days of the year support. We are by your side year-round.

At Suncrest, our goal is to protect your business or you from the IRS and Taxes. We pride ourselves in saving our clients as much money as possible on their taxes legally. We also pride ourselves because our clients are much more knowledgeable about their taxes. We want you to save money and be satisfied!

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Are you ready to be one of the 77% of Americans that benefits more by having a qualified tax professional on your side protecting your money from Uncle Sam? Outside of Death the only way to avoid taxes is by having someone that knows the 77,000-page Tax Code…  Don’t wait any longer Schedule your appointment now!