Tax Resolution

As a taxpayer, if you do not settle what you owe the IRS, you can find yourself on the receiving end of the country’s tax laws. Usually, when you do not honor your taxes, the IRS can issue a tax lien on your property or a bank levy. In most cases, the IRS does issue a bank levy.

A bank levy is when the government resolves to issuing a levy to the taxpayer’s bank demanding that the taxes owed be turned over. When this happens, you won’t have power over your money in the bank until what you owe is paid over to the IRS. It’s more like a freeze on your cash until you paid the IRS’ debt in full.

But a Tax Resolution process can stop all this from happening.

Tax Resolution is when you hire a tax professional to minimize and settle your open debt with the IRS. The tax professional acts as a go-between in your tax case with the IRS after you give them the power of attorney to represent you. A tax professional will help you draft a working plan that does not result in the IRS hurting you – but you will just pay what you owe, or less, in favorable terms.

At Suncrest Financials Services, we offer such services to clients that are facing back tax problems with the IRS.

Our Tax Resolution Services are designed to help clients reach an amicable resolution with the IRS. If such back tax problems are not resolved, the IRS can invoke its legal powers and forcibly recover what taxpayers owe. This can be a crippling process, and we want to help you avoid this mess.

When should you decide to contact us?

When the IRS decides you must pay them, they don’t just go straight to your bank and demand their money. They send letters letting you know that you must pay your past tax dues.

As soon as that happens, you must know that they are on to you. If you don’t take action, that is when they act and take their money. You will lose more than you would have done if you worked with a tax consultant for the Tax Resolution process.

Therefore, it’s not a wise decision to ignore the IRS’ communication. You must communicate with them about the letters, which is where we come in.

Therefore, contact us as soon as the IRS starts sending you these letters indicating that they intend to levy you.

What must you expect from us?

  • A timely response: We will respond to your emails and phone calls within 24-48 hours, excluding the weekends.
  • Comprehensive details of all tax findings and details of communications with the IRS.
  • We will walk you through the process, according to our Tax Resolution Process, as mentioned above, until the letter stating revocation, or default of our engagement.
  • We will work diligently to prevent any collection activities and settle your debt.
  • After Resolution Support: We will provide a quick 30-minute Tax Compliance session to help you gain clarity about your next steps. This helps you prevent the same mistake from happening again.

Our aim is to make sure that every business operates freely, without having to face penalties from the IRS. We want to take care of your Tax Resolution process because your business deserves another chance – it deserves a fresh start from a clean slate. Contact us and we will send you our Tax Resolution proposal for further information.

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