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Endorsed Local Tax Provider

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An Endorsed

Local Provider

Dave Ramsey’s Endorsed Local Provider (ELP)
Program consists of a network of reliable
and trustworthy local professionals that he
refers his listeners and fans to.


ELP Dave Ramsey

What is an Endorsed Local Provider?

Dave Ramsey is a personal money management expert,
national radio talk show host, television host, and New York
Times best selling author. His ELPs are held to high standards
from the beginning. The process to become an ELP is not an
easy one. Becoming an ELP involves a thorough and rigorous
application and interview process. Dave’s team makes sure to
select professionals who share the same financial principals
as they do. After being chosen as an ELP, the professional is
required to maintain high customer service scores. Each
customer is given the opportunity to review and score the ELP
based on their experience, thereby keeping the professional in
check at all times.


Dave Ramsey Team

Why ELP?

ELPs earn Dave’s Endorsement through providing outstanding service and
a proven track record.

Dave’s Confidence

Being an ELP isn’t easy; it’s hard
work, because we are held to a
higher standard of excellence. While
we do pay a fee to cover program
maintenance and employment costs,
Dave’s recommendation is not
bought – we’ve earned it.

Refreshing Tax Advice

You know that you’re going to get the
same type of advice from us that you
would get from Dave himself. We’re
someone you should feel comfortable
talking to and someone you can trust.
Go ahead and ask around: 98% of
people who have used ELPs would
recommend us to a friend.

Helping You

No matter your situation, we’ll make
sure your taxes are done properly to
minimize your tax liability and get
you every deduction you deserve.
You can trust our expertise in the
industry and know we’ll answer any
questions you have with the heart of
a teacher.

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