Hello, I’m Folasade, the accountability accountant and the owner of some Suncrest Financial Services. Located here in Largo, Maryland. Right now we’re all going through this really, really tough time. The pandemic COVID-19 has hit small businesses all over the country. And the government has created this particular program called the PPP, Paycheck Protection Program to offer you a loan. That can become forgivable if it’s done right the money was spent and things aligned with the requirement.

So because of the complexities, the confusion, even the application is 11-pages. All of the different laws it would literally take you as an individual, about 50 not even 50 honestly 100 to 400 hours of man time. To fully understand all the ins and outs of the PPP forgiveness loan. And then get PPP Forgiveness, also how to get your loan forgiven. And the record-keeping and all of that stuff.

Honestly from an accountant between me and you. It is just a lot on my end, it was so much reading that we had to do. We had to create so many different spreadsheets. And just go through picking each other brains to figure out what will be our best approach to the accounting aspect of the loan. To cut the long story short. This is the time now if you’ve already been approved for the PPP loan or we’ve already received your money for you to start getting protocols in place, right?

To get your loan forgiven, for the maximum amount that it can be forgiven. But the Forgiving portion is all about the strategy. The documentation, the tools and the resource that you’re able to all pull together to present to the bank with your 11-page application saying. Hey, this is what I spent, this is what I did, Can you forgive the loan? The problem is, it’s not that easy.

Because it’s not that simple, I created my PPP loan forgiveness package where I and my team will actually calculate all of your paperwork, all of your loan information, all of your expenses, we will formulate that and come up with the amount that your loan should be forgiven for. Okay, now, this doesn’t include us doing any bookkeeping, but this includes us trying to make it so you can get free. Like that’s what we all want right free money from the government.

And the only way you can get free money is if your loan becomes a plant. And by doing so, you have to know how to fill out the 11-page documentation. If you have to the application, you also have to provide them all the documentation that they will be asking you for and needs to be organized well put together and formatted for you to submit to the bank. So guess what? I am here to help you. If you are interested in getting your loan completely forgiven, or least forgiven partially, then I advise you to get on my calendar to see how I can assist you in setting up the proper processes and systems in place and give you the resource that you need to get your loan forgiven.

You don’t have to do this on your own. It’s no reason why you should be spinning your wheels and confused sitting up at night trying to figure this out on your own or reading every SBA interim rule, trying to figure out the logistics. I am here to do that for you. So allow me to serve you. Allow me to help you get that note forgiven and get on my calendar. I look forward to serving you have an amazing day.

Need help with calculating the loan forgiveness aspect of your loan? If so, get on my calendar now or see below.