Paying your employee’s sounds easy?

Just give them a check. Right? No…

When it comes to getting the payroll done so you can pay your amazing employees is NOT so easy. Payroll involves a complicated function called Payroll Tax and Reporting Requirements issued by the Internal Revenue Services and your loving State. 

Did you know that according to a study that the National Small Business Association did 33% of all small businesses report spending six (6) hours per month on their payroll? That’s nine (9) days per year at eight (8) hours a day you’re losing managing the payroll functions of your business. 

The only solution to taking back your time a whole nine (9) days is to outsource your company’s payroll. 

Let’s go deeper. 

Here are five (5) reasons why you should outsource your payroll to Suncrest: 

1. It’s inexpensive The average monthly payroll cost depending on the actual size of your staff. However, the average base payroll service cost is around $115 for up to 10 employees. 

2. It gives you back your TIME- What could you do with an extra 6 hours per month? I guess network, travel, quality time with family, and make more money. 

3. We give you flexibility- As a small business owner, the pressure from the financial obligations of paying your staff is frustrating in itself. The last thing you need is for major deadlines like sending in payroll is missed.

4. We don’t Impound your Payroll taxes We have reminders to let you know when the tax payments will be withdrawn from your business don’t hold on to your Payroll Taxes like the big companies. 

5. We can pay your ITIN Workers without a problem. Many large payroll companies don’t have the flexibility of paying ITIN holders as the employees. At Suncrest, we can! 

Are you convinced that you should outsource payroll yet? I hope see… 

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