3 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Business Now?

I know right now you’re probably one each, there’s just so much going on with this pandemic. That the uncertainty of just your finances, your business, your livelihood is just so on the edge. And if I were you, I will be, you know, a little uneasy as well. And the reason being is because you are not 100% in control. So here are 3 reasons why you should start your business right now, during this pandemic. Reason number one, there is no security in anyone’s job right now. I don’t care if you work in the government right now, but there’s no certainty that gets that government job will be when things reopened.

There will be a lot of shifts in positions, letting things go just a lot of different arrangements that need to happen in every business sector.

1. The reason, why you should start your business now, is that there’s no security at all.

The only security is the security and you getting up every day and doing the work that’s required. So you can live a life that your dream that you dream off.

2. Reason, why you should start your business now, is that they’re really not much competition.

Like between me, you girl, or boy, right? A lot of people are scared. They’re afraid they are on edge looking out the window like Hey, COVID go away. COVID go away. However, they need to continuously push it. So if you are a hustler, if you have the right mindset, this is the time for you to start your business and get going because there’s less competition, businesses are closing, and market shares going to be opening up. So there’s ample opportunity for you to get into the game and dominate.

3. The reason, why you want to get into your business now that started as soon as possible is because there’s a very low barrier to entry.

I know you’ve probably heard of this before. But the cost to start a business 10 years ago was about $30,000 to $100,000. Now, it’s $300. Girl, you can go to Fiverr. You can get your website, and you can call yourself a business but it all starts really after you do the Fiverr. After you register the business name and get things going. That’s really when the real business happened.

IF I were you because there’s no security anywhere in any job, even the government, even your bank, this is the time for you to secure yourself and secure your bank.

All right. See you later.

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