How to Hire Your Child Masterclass: Replay is now available

During the last week’s How to Hire Your Child Masterclass, I mentioned something too important to be missed. I said that generational wealth creation could not only be measured in monetary terms. But, this can also be in terms of how much knowledge we are transferring to the children. For them, it’s a lifetime knowledge-base that allows them to become anything they dream about.



So, we first hire them, pay them, and then share knowledge on how to become millionaires and stay like that.

But first, it is essential to learn the basics as the owner of the small business. I delivered these (the benefits) on our recent Masterclass. One of the most important basic to know is how to beat the tax code using hiring your children. This in itself carries plenty of weight, and you will see how much we spoke about it in the Masterclass.

Nevertheless, hiring your children must be done lawfully. I gave an example of a family that tried to beat the tax code during the Masterclass. But they failed because they did it wrong. I showed attendees how that family was beaten in court by the IRS. They were defeated by the IRS because of so many reasons- which I revealed during the Masterclass. I can feel many hearts jumping in discomfort here. Well, if you aren’t so sure and did not attend this year’s Masterclass, take a minute to order a replay and learn what others learned.

Why this emphasis on the How to Hire Your Child Masterclass?

People have a pattern of just questioning everything, I know, right? I remember feeling the need to explain myself the moment I said Trump did something right for us. Because I knew my audience felt some bit of betrayal from me. But honestly, these good tax laws I am on about are his brainchild. He is the reason why teaching about hiring your child is even sweeter. I don’t have to struggle to make up some really meaningless numbers.

So, before throwing shade at this, I just want to emphasize how important my audience thought it was. I measured this by the amount of interaction I had from them. It was more feedback than ever. And we had so many people in attendance than ever! This shows how much small business owners want to know how to break the tax code – legally. And I want all of you to join the bandwagon – sweet melodies await at the end.

What did attendees learn?

Before revealing snippets of what others learned, let me begin by assuring you that you can still learn as much from the replay. I know, it’s a replay – so, yawn! But if I were you, I wouldn’t dare do that. Why? There is so much more to take from the replay – perhaps that is why it costs more than attending the real class. Nothing beats learning so much from the comfort of your home, at your own pace. Nevertheless, below are some of the important things that attendees of the recent How to Hire Your Child Masterclass learned. You, too, can benefit from them.

  • They now know the need to, and how to hire children in proper positions. If there is no position readily available, they know how to create a suitable one for them. `No more randomly telling kids what to do in the company and expect the IRS to buy into that story, come tax season.


  • They now know the need, and how to pay children a standard hourly rate or salary. You can’t just let your kid ‘freelance’ as you pay him or her what you want every month. There has to be a standard rate that you consistently follow. This must be your ‘bible,’ keep it in your heart always.


  • I told them all about the tax forms they need to file. They now know how to fill out their child’s W-2 form. I understand that many people don’t do this because they just don’t know how we are taxed. Well, attendees to the Masterclass now have full information on this. And this is going to save them hundreds of thousands of dollars.


  • Those that attended the Masterclass now have full information on tax due dates. I know some of you have lost tens of thousands to the IRS for late filing. I am glad to have made sure that my people no longer have to worry about deadlines to file.


  • So, one of the headaches after hiring your child is how to invest the child’s income. Some people do get it right, and some don’t. But for those that attended the Masterclass, they now have a full range of options to choose from. Just like that, they are on the way to building generational wealth!


  • I know, you read about many things about hiring your child. It could be tempting that you choose to trust the internet and be on every MEME that you can. But let me tell you, most of these memes are wrong, they mislead you. What I gave my class is a simple template that you can easily follow when hiring your child.

So what’s the verdict

The truth is that we all need to keep learning as much as we can. More so when you can’t get hiring your child right, losing out on several financial benefits on the way. You will be surprised how much I realized that people don’t know. While in the class, I told people about how someone approached me to ask about opening their child’s bank account. Many people don’t know this but choose to be quiet. But honestly, there is no building of generational wealth if there is no account first to save the money in. There are many small things you don’t know, find us and know more about these.