Small business in the USA, things you can do with your Coronavirus tax relief funds

We have noticed, with relief, that a host of tax relief packages have been thrown around for small businesses during this Coronavirus outbreak. However, this does not guarantee your small business’ success, because still, your customers are going to be holed up in their homes, and most of your employees may not make it work.

Here is a list of what you can do to with your extra tax money to keep your business in the game;
  • Start a home delivery service to reach out to most of your customers
  • Start a shuttle service for your employeesUse this window to align your business goals to your income statement
  • Revisit your business plan, with the help of a business coach, and iron out issues that result in unnecessary expenditure
  • Also, take this opportunity to invest in new product lines using this extra income
  • Use some of the funds to polish your website, fix your SEO with the help of an expert so that in the future, you are easily found by potential customers.

In the end, it’s not just about the Coronavirus tax relief funds, you are simply better off making good decisions out of it. If you are confused about what to do with it, always reach out to us and we will be of great service, as we have been for many small businesses over the years.

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